Master Models and Scientific Computing


with a solid basis in physical Sciences.


with high level of mathematical knowledge


with high performance techniques.


The master in science "Models and Scientific computing" trains future scientists, researchers and engineers in modeling and simulation in natural and physical sciences. The training provides a broad fundamendal and strong scientific basis. Students have to choose two blocks from three specializations :
    - complex waves
    - biological and chemical systems
    - fluid dynamics

The training prepares the students to model complex phenomena at various levels: from the derivation of the model, its analysis, and its numerical resolution. The master builds useful mathematical modeling competences, and permits the acquisition of very high skills in scientific computing, both in terms of numerical approximation than in terms of the creation and expertise in simulation tools of high performance.

The master "Modelling and Scientific Computing" aims to train researchers but also scientists capable of working at the heart of industrial problems.

The master is based on two french competitive clusters:
    - the pole "Pegase", oriented regional aviation and space technology on the one hand
    - the pole  "Mer PACA", focused on the marine industry, marine resources, energy and biology, and environmental management of coasts.
"All the lectures are taught in English."

Complex waves


Complex waves
Magneto hydrodynamics
Nonlinear optics
Vibrational Analysis

Biological and chemical systems


Bio chemistry
Physico chemistry
Molecular dynamics
Neuronal dynamics

Fluids dynamics


Turbulence physics
Flows at large scales
Models of zonal coasts
Transports of contaminants


Latest News

Academic year

The first lectures will be given august, 31th 2015.

French government evaluation

Our master received a A grade in 2011.