Master Models and Scientific Computing


with a solid basis in physical Sciences.


with high level of mathematical knowledge


with high performance techniques.

First year of the master

First semester S1

Course Volume Key words, Remarks
Continuum mechanics
Mathematical methods 40h
Numerical methods 40h
Nonlinear Physics 40h
Statistical physics 40h
Advanced statistical physics 20h
Introduction to finite elements 10h
Communication in Sciences 20h
English in sciences 20h
Mass and thermal transferts or atomistic 40h optional

Second semester S2

Course Volume Key words, Remarks
Experimental techniques
Numerical statistical physics 40h
Numerical technique for fluids 20h
Matlab 20h
Finite Elements 20h
Waves in complex media 40h
Differential equations 40h
Signal analysis 40h
Non equilibrium physics 40h
N Bodies, or biophysics or guided optics 40h optional
Computer-aided design 20h
internship 3 months in research labs or Industry


Latest News

Academic year

The first lectures will be given august, 31th 2015.

French government evaluation

Our master received a A grade in 2011.