Master Models and Scientific Computing


with a solid basis in physical Sciences.


with high level of mathematical knowledge


with high performance techniques.

Second year of the master

First semester S3

Course Volume Remarks
Management 15h
Industry and intellectual property 15h
Communication and employability 10h
English and TOEIC 15h
General scienfific computing 30h
High performance computing 30h
Continuous mechanics and complex media 15h
Mathematical techniques for modelling 15h
Finite Element methods 30h
Strengthening for physicists or mathematicians 15h optional
The students have to choose two blocks from the followings:

Complex waves

Course Volume Rem.
Waves in complex media 15h
Non linear optics 15h
Magneto hydrodynamics 15h
Structure vibrations 15h

Bio chemical systems

Course Volume Rem.
Dynamical processes in bio-chemistry 15h
Processes in physico chemistry 15h
Molecular dynamics and soft matter 15h
Neuronal dynamics 15h

Fluid mechanics

Course Volume Rem.
Physics of Turbulence 15h
Models for zonal coasts 15h
Flow Simulation at large scales 15h
Transports and dispersion of contaminants 15h

Latest News

Academic year

The first lectures will be given august, 31th 2015.

French government evaluation

Our master received a A grade in 2011.